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Rant ( Personal space )

I am used to being alone doing things but when someone keeps coming through my room to check on the dogs it starts really ticking me off because i am trying to do something here and I have to stop and keep answering some stupid ass questions about the fxxxing dogs... I don't care what they are doing as long as there taken care of then there fine

Please our renter won't shut the hell up if its something she wants to talk about she will go into a god damn hour talking session about it even if its something you do not care about for example: You know what the neighbor did today he took his kid to the park and they feed the ducks and I am thinking in my head ( Ok ...., but who fxxxing cares that has nothing to do with me or my dad and I am personally getting sick of hearing you talk about every little stupid thing that impresses you for hours on end because you find it amazing, you might not know this but NOT EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD wants to wake up every god damn day hearing you talk about nonsense that no one gives a flying XXX about ! I personally don't see how someone could talking for so long ... if you let her she would talk non stop 24/7 i try to be nice man but holy cow I don't want to hear you every day talking for hours for worthless crap it would drive me insane and guess what it slowly is, for me having to vent here on this website to get my anger under control should tell you how bad it is HOLY CRAP MAN. Ether make what you want to say brief and only 10 minutes long or don't talk at all !
No one wants to listen to someone talk about shit for hours on end that they do not give a rats ass about !

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Aug 10, 2016
keep it clean please..
by: Jaye

Hi there
I am sorry for what you are going through but I am glad we have given you a place to vent. Vent away but please keep it clean. I have edited your rant to clean it up a bit but think I kept what you were trying to say.

Jaye from
The stress relief workshop team

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