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Dance your way to happiness

nia dance

Have you ever realized how wonderful you feel when you dance? 

Nia dance is a workout for the body, mind and soul.  You will finish your class feeling completely euphoric.  You will feel happy, free, and energized.

The Nia Technique is a combination of 52 moves based on a combination of dance arts, healing arts and martial arts.  You will dance barefoot to soul stirring music from around the world. 

If you love how you feel when you leave yoga class you will absolutely love the feeling Nia dance will give you.

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Nia dance for the mind and body

Nia fitness is a non-impact workout and great for any level of fitness.  With Nia you dance in your body's way.  You are guided through the moves but you can make it your own.

One of the wonderful stress relievers I found when I first went to a Nia class was that it was not intimidating.  As much as I want to enjoy Zumba the class is just too fast paced for me and I feel awkward (I do use my Wii at home though :)).  With Nia you can increase the pace if you wish..  you can even go right when they left and no one cares.  When they switch to right you go left and start the next move back in sync with the group.  I loved feeling like no one cared if I messed up a move.  

The classes I have been to have been a small group and everyone has always been friendly.  I have left that class with the music in the car up loud and dancing in my seat while I drove home.  I mean, I have felt great after workouts before but this was truly an uplifting and stress relieving experience.  For several months I was able to go twice a week and I can honestly say that is the best I have felt in a long time.   My work schedule changed and I couldn't make it anymore.  My family even commented that I was so much happier when I went to Nia which confirmed how I felt.

Check out these short videos from The Nia Technique on utube.  Even watching the demos makes me happy!

Flash Mob

Sample routine

Nia at home

I searched online for some DVDs's hoping to get this great experience at home. had some old DVD's listed that I had a horrible time trying to find at first.  Now there is an awesome new DVD Nia U that I ordered as soon as I found it.

The NEW Nia U DVD makes it easy to get this greta feeling at home.  Dance away your stress.

There is a difference between the class and the home experience but the overall feeling of joy, relaxation and stress relief is amazing from this DVD.  I am so glad I found it and plan to make it a regular part of my week. Don't wait.. Join me dancing and bring your happy back today!

Some of the older Nia videos can also be found on occasion on amazon and you can also shop at

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