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News - PTSD In Children Who Witness Family Arrests

by Kate

picture by cdogstar

picture by cdogstar

Children and stress can often be over looked ie many adults don't realize that children can be affected by events around them and cause a stress response.

This can be especially true of children who are abused or neglected in some way. their family lives can be traumatic on a regular basis with the added concern that they may also witness situations which most children would not, such as the arrest of a close family member.

A recent study from the University of Illinois at Chicago has shown that children who do witness the arrest of a family member can show significant signs of stress related trauma. This is aside from any stress they may also be experiencing due to their normal family life.

The welfare of children in these sorts of situation needs to be prioritized to prevent long term damage to the child's wellbeing. The police and family services should co-ordinate more in situations where children may also be involved.

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