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Neck Massage
For Stress Relief

A neck massage can be easily self administered. This is great when you’re home alone after a hard day at work or as in my case when you get that horrible tense neck pain in the office at your desk.

A simple massage of the next can be done using a little amount of massage oil or without. It is the motion of the massage that makes the difference. Learning the correct way to get the most benefit from the massage will help you lead a more relaxed day, every day.

Neck pain can build up quite easily if we are holding our bodies incorrectly and we often due this when we are stressed.

For instance how often do you find yourself?

  • Holding your shoulders up around your neck
  • Looking down at a laptop on our knees
  • Sitting badly in a chair
  • Bending from the waist instead of the knees

All these things can cause pain to build up and there’s nothing more irritating that having that stiff niggling neck pain all the time. In fact this in itself can cause you further stress.

This short video will demonstrate a simple massage technique which you can do every day which will help to provide stress relief and a more relaxed posture. Take your time to watch this video several times before you try this on yourself. Doing a correct massage will be far more beneficial and longer lasting.

I use several products myself to enable me to give myself a longer more deep muscle massage. I took a look around the web and found these three products for self massage.

They all vary in their application but which I think illustrates the many different options available to us these days if we don't have the time to have a full massage session.

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