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My work Stress Rant!

My rant is about the constant pressure put on me/my team at work. We have no control over our workload, and the unrealistic expectations do my head in. It's difficult to cope, and bringing it up to Management achieves nothing. The more you do, the more you are given, but if you slack off then you receive reprimands. Even though it is a well-paying, well-respected job, I don't respect it. There is no way to move up or even receive a pay rise for doing the job well, although it appears that the lazy and dishonest people somehow manage to get a pay rise (I haven't quite figured this one out yet). Every time I feel a sense of pride or achievement it takes about 15 minutes for someone to burst that bubble. I stay awake at night worrying about work, and if I am away (sick or on leave) then I still get allocated work when I'm not there, so when I come back there's even more to do. It is relentless and mind-numbing, but I'm too afraid to quit in case I can't get another job (or at least, another one that pays this well). In saying that, it doesn't feel like the money is worth it, but I'm just not that talented at anything specifically, and I don't know what I would like to do instead. I feel directionless, powerless and totally trapped. I have tried talking to employment services, gone through various methods of reducing work and personal stress, dropped work responsbilities that I don't have to undertake, and I still can't handle it. I just don't really know what to do but I can't stand being this miserable everyday.

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