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My Job Is Stressing Me Out Big Time

by Kay
(Essex, UK)

My job is really getting to me, I feel totally powerless to do anything. I try to speak to my colleagues and all they do is moan which gets me down even more.

I try to make changes to the job so that it works better but I just get told not to try and change things. No matter what I do I seemed to hit a brick wall.

Every night I come home so tired and fed up and the worst thing is to get it off my chest I rant on to my partner. Who can't possibly help and who just becomes stressed because of me and the way I am reacting.

I see my partners face really drop after the first few minutes of me talking to him and then I know he will be in a bad mood for the rest of the evening. So I try not to off load but then I feel so alone with no one to be able to off load on.

I know I have to do something as I am becoming ill more and more often and I really dread going to work every day. I am now thinking that I should find another job, I think it will be easier in the long run.

Any way it has been good to have my rant here, I bet there are lots of people who feel the same.

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Feb 01, 2015
please get help
by: Jaye

Dear anonymous,
Please talk to a professional if you are feeling this way. Please feel free to contact us through our contact me page to vent if you need. We can talk privately that way if you need.

Jan 30, 2015
My Job Is Stressing Me Out Big Time
by: Anonymous

I feel the same way sometimes even think about just ending my own life

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