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My Boss Is My Work Stress

by Susie

My boss is my problem and what causes me the most stress of all, not the job. For instance:

He tells me to get his groceries, pick up his pets medicine and other totally un-work related things. I feel like I am his personal skivvy and not someone who works in an office.

Also he is so un-understanding, if I am having problems getting into work because my car has broken down he expects me to come in regardless, even though I live nowhere near a train station.

Then when I do manage to drag myself in, he has a go at me for being late and expects me to work late. Now he comes in late all the time because of car troubles, so why can he not understand.

He is also incredibly sexist and is always making inappropriate comments around me and doing things which makes me feel really uncomfortable. I would love to tell him where to stick his job but I just can't, I guess I will just have to grin and bear it.

Comment from Kate

Sounds to me like you are really stuck in a hole if you can't find another job.

My advice is to make sure you take care of yourself; there is no point in letting someone like this make you ill through stress and tension.

Make time for yourself and put yourself first even though your boss doesn't. There are many stress busting and relaxation techniques on this site which can help you keep the bad effects of stress away.

Keep an eye out for other jobs in the meantime and hopefully one day soon you will be able to have a more enjoyable job and a more stress free life.

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