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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness based stress reduction techniques may not be something that you have heard much about. I came across the idea myself only about a year ago when I was introduced to them by a friend of mine who had found them very helpful in her life.

I have written more about mindfulness and what it is here on my site. However I always think that first hand recommendation or description of a technique from someone who has used it for stress relief is one of the best ways to decide whether or not it is for you are not.

I have chosen these two very short videos which will do just that, they don't teach you about mindfulness but they describe the benefits these people have received from practicing this stress reduction technique for themselves. Please take the time and view both videos all the way through, it will only take a couple of minutes and it might help you to decide if you would like to find out more about mindfulness for yourself.

The first video is by a Ruby Wax who is a comedienne by trade but has also studied psychology. She talks about how she uses mindfulness everyday to allow her to get through the stresses of working. In her line of work she meets a lot of famous people and I would imagine that she could become stressed quite easily with the pressures of meeting these people and performing.

The second video is a great illustration of how anyone can use mindfulness and also how beneficial it can be for stress and also depression. Kathy in the video also talks about the fact that mindfulness is not based on any religious beliefs and so no one should be weary of trying it.

These videos are very short but I found them to be a great introduction to the mindfulness based stress reduction technique for someone who would like to hear other people’s experiences of using it to manage stress and depression in their lives.


If you would like to discover more about mindfulness for yourself, there are many books and dvd's on the subject which will be able to teach you the basics of practicing mindfulness for yourself. I have chosen a few of my favourites from Amazon below which you might enjoy.


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