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Mind Machine:
Use Light & Sound For Stress Relief

What is a mind machine? In this instance we are talking about light and sound machines which are designed to affect your brainwaves to change your state of mind. Sounds a bit weird and scary doesn’t it, but it isn’t really and is based on a scientific principle called entrainment.

Our brains are constantly being stimulated by all sorts of things, meaning that they are incessantly firing off neurons. Two of the things which stimulate our brains to do this is light and sound. The brain finds music particularly stimulating and if listened to for a short period of time will actually cause the brain to fire neurons in the same rhythmical way to the music it is listening to.

The machines will pulsate light and sounds to synchronize with normal brainwaves. Once synchronized the beats will be changed so that the brain follows along, changing the mind state, this is entrainment.

Sound alone will only have a small effect on brainwaves and so will not be affective in changing a mindset. This is why the light and sound machines have a much more powerful and affective result and provides the best results for stress relief.

Types of Mind Machines

The following two machines have had years of research to develop the best pattern and pulses which prove most effective in changing mind states for the better.

The Proteus will give you a breathtaking experience.

Amazing kaleidoscopic patterns of color are seen behind your closed eyelids that dance with thick washes and pulses of sound. Your stress from the day is released as your brainwaves begin following the frequencies you are observing.

The Sirius is the best value in light/sound mind machines available today. It  provides many hours of satisfying use.

The Sirius is incredibly sturdy, conveniently small, ergonomic, and very easy to use and has 23 preset sessions. The session will stimulate your senses with special patterns of sound, which will transport you to a deep state of relaxation.

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