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Media hype and politics stresses me out

by Bob

TV Screen Shot

TV Screen Shot

I am not about to go into a major political rant, theres been enough of the recently.

no i just want to say how stressful i have found the last month or so with all the media courage of the UK elections. It felt like one long X factor program, who was wearing what, who had the nicest hair, who could shout the loudest.

No matter where I was or what i was doing i was bombarded by it all. It got to the point that i stopped watching the news, buying newspapers, listening to the radio. i just couldn't stand it any more. i could feel myself getting all worked up and ready to explode and it really wasn't doing me any good at all. I wonder if any one else felt like this?

It's not even over yet, i can't wait till i can safely turn on the Tv without fear of being stressed out with all the hype and ranting.

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