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MAjor Stress - Been cheated on and the woman got pregnant!

by Renee

I was cheated on by my boyfriend and the woman actually got pregnant! We were at a place in our relationship where we were very in love and everything felt perfect. We started to look at engagement rings and talk about getting married.

I took a trip to South America and met his whole family, they all loved me and I loved them. I felt we were the perfect couple and I was deeper in love than I had ever been. I felt he was my soul mate.

The devastation I went through is hard to describe. No one knows how this feels unless you have been through it. Lands up he told me in her 8th month of pregnancy what he had done and it was with his ex wife. Since it was his ex wife everyone in his family treated it as it was alright and they actually treated me like I was "the other woman". We were common law at this point so I was more like his wife. It was the biggest disaster in my life!

It's 9 years later and I spent this amount of time trying to make the relationship work. I finally ended the relationship in March 2011. I wish I had not wasted so much time in waiting for him to change and love me like I loved him. He landed up cheating on me again with 2 different women. Moral of my story is: a man who just thinks of his own feelings and disregards how you feel has some huge problems!

Look up "Anti Social Personality Disorder" I am quite sure my ex has this problem. If this story sounds familiar, maybe your partner does too. I had to come to reality and finally realize he will never be the man who will love me in the way I need to be loved. I could seriously write a book about all the events that happened and how I coped and the hell I went through night after night for years! Bottom line is, get yourself out of the situation because it won't change to the degree you hope it will!

To this day my ex tells me he loves me and wants me back. He always has all the right words to say. He has a fantastic personality! He is educated and very attractive. They always have the right things to say BUT their actions don't match their charm. I hope my story can help you in some way.

I feel I should write a book to help women and men in the position I was in for so many years. I am still very messed up in my head but I know that my faith and time will be my healer.

Comment from Kate Site owner
wow thanks for sharing this with us.

i think your attitude to this horrible situation is fantastic. You are so right in what you say. These personality types can be very charming and hard to break away from. but the very fact that he has now cheated on your three times does rather show his true character and it is likely that he wont change and thats his problem.

getting out as soon as you can is such the right thing to do. you have to pit yourself first in these situations and not to lay blame at your own feet.

Thank you again for sharing your story, I'm sure it will help others who may be in a similar situation.

Hope you are getting your life back together now and living life your way and happier.

best wishes kate

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