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L-Theanine Natures Stress Reliever 

In green tea leaves it is the most prominent amino acid present and gives it the so called 5th taste known as umami.

This amino acid works by increasing another brain acid known as GABA which in turn is a natural calmative and so helps to reduce anxiety.

GABA can be bought as a supplement in its own right however there are questions about whether it is able to effectively cross through the blood brain barrier, whereas l-theanine has been proven to be able to cross through.

Once it has crossed the brain barrier this amino acid helps to promote alpha brain waves and it is these brain waves which allow the brain to work at its best i.e. in a calm and relaxed manner but alert and able to concentrate.

Although it is found naturally in tea you would have to drink a lot of tea to gain substantially stress relief although green tea is often promoted as producing a relaxed state, however this is very mild. The most effective way of taking this amino acid is via a supplement.

Discover The Benefits of L-Theanine

Although there have not been many studies into the effects of this supplement the initial results do show that it does have enough benefits to warrant considering as a product to consider when seeking stress relief.

 Some of the benefits of L-Theanine discovered so far.

  • Promotes Alpha brain waves – Already mentioned that this is the state of mind which allows you to be relaxed and calm while still being alert and able to concentrate.  This is probably the most desirable state for all of us during our waking hours.
  • Increases Dopamine – This is a hormone which promotes the feeling of well being and is released naturally into the brain when we experience pleasurable things.
  • Enhances Learning and Concentration – Often when you are stressed it can be difficult to focus on the tasks you are doing. Because of the alpha waves it promotes, it will help to reduce anxiety and help increase the ability to concentrate and so makes learning easier. 
  • Promotes natural sleep– due to the calming affect it helps to ease the mind and stop it racing which is often the cause of restless sleep.
  • Normalizes Blood Pressure – Where blood pressure is high studies have shown that it can help to lower the pressure. It however does not have any effect on normal blood pressure levels.
  • Reduces Cholesterol – Cholesterol is a major cause of heart disease and so its control is vital to good heart health.
  • Increases Immunity – helps to provide resistance to colds and flu.
  • Weight Loss – there have been claims that it can also help you to lose weight.
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