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Joy of Baking

Holiday time can be very stressful. The joy of baking can decrease some of that stress and bring your happy back.  Destress with a day in the kitchen or an evening baking session.

First plan ahead to avoid any potential for stress.  Plan your baking day.  Pull out all your recipes and get the grocery shopping out of the way.  I like to do this before the day I plan to bake but you can do it that day if you prefer.

bake to destressbe prepared to reduce stress

Start your session by putting on you favorite holiday time music and let's get started.  My current favorite is a little embarrassing and I hated it growing up but now it is not Christmas without the Partridge family CD playing.

Christmas baking can help you destress by:

  • Taking your mind off of the other things you need to do at holiday time
  • Taking your mind off of any worries you may have at the time
  • Bringing back happy memories of holiday time

Some suggestions to beat holiday stress by baking:

  • Get rid of some aggression by beating up some chilled sugar cookie dough while you roll it out.. or pie crust if that is your thing
  • Bake something that will remind you of a happy memory.. it will put a smile on your face and bring some joy into your heart
  • Far away from your family?  Make something that reminds you of home

Need vs Want

Christmas bakingThe joy of baking at Christmas

Are you someone who needs to bake or wants to bake?

As a teenager I loved to do the Christmas baking.  It was family time and I truly enjoyed it. I wasn't required and I think that is why I enjoyed it so much and wanted to bake.

Fast forward a few years when life takes over and daily time in the kitchen cooking was required.  Holiday baking turned into a chore.  It became a requirement and a need rather than a want.  A need was no longer enjoyable and not a stress reliever.

Fast forward a little more.  Daily time in the kitchen cooking is still on the agenda. The kids are now out of the house.  After decreasing the holiday baking over the years it is no longer expected.  Now I want to do it again.. my family enjoys and appreciates it much better now.

My joy of baking is back!

Joy of Baking at Christmas

A taste of home = Christmas joy

My missing the taste of home session

Making treats for the kids and my husband and having them enjoy them brings a lot of joy.  On top of that it can bring back a lot of sentimental memories that can decrease stress and increase happiness.  

I am now thousands of miles from my family and it is strange what I miss sometimes.  This year I am missing matrimonial cake and nanaimo bars... actually for a few years now.  So, this year I decided to give it a try.

After recipe searching for weeks and the ingredients were in the house .. or so I thought (see my tip above and be prepared).  A Sunday afternoon in the kitchen was set in motion.

Now I am not a baker and I don't make anything fancy but these 2 recipes are layered and I have never made either one before.

Bottom layer of the nanaimo bar done, middle layer done with a recipe change up.  Apparently the recipe calls for birds custard powder.  I searched high and low and could not find it as it not a regular product in the US.  I went to trusty amazon and could order it but it would take 2-3 weeks.  I definitely did not plan that far ahead.  After some searching I decided to use french vanilla jello pudding although the reviews said it was not quite the same. The filing is much sweeter than I remember but came out well.  Top layer some melted chocolate which hubby said it could do without.  He has never tried this Canadian treat before so that was fine but without chocolate on top it would not be the same to me.  

Second recipe.. I was alternating between the 2 due to the layers needing to be at certain temperatures.  

Well, here is where I could have had a little stress.  I started out with my crumble ingredients which I thought I had.  

  • It turned out my rolled oats were expired more than I would have liked.  
  • Hubby was at the store so I called his cell...  the ringing comes from the other room.. oops.  
  • Plan changes for the day.  
  • Hubby walks in and agrees to go back to the store.  
  • Plan is back on
  • I start on the date filing.. recipe says 2 cups of chopped dates, I have 1
  • Called hubby's cell..  rings in the other room again.. another oops
  • Hubby walks in and again agrees to go back to the store (I think he wanted to stay out of hair to be honest).. this time he showed me he had his phone

So why am I telling you all this..  I could have let this stress me out but I didn't.  After the first oops I decided that recipe would wait for another day.  Hubby helped out and I was able to enjoy my day of baking. 

The day ended relaxing and enjoying my not so pretty treats that tasted great and brought back thoughts of Christmas with my parents and relatives and definitely put a smile on my face.

Be prepared to avoid stress while baking

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