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I'm So Bored I Read Every Post On This Page

I had self-esteem problems growing up and even though I was in the advanced programs in elementary and high school, I spent my college years trying to stay under the radar and avoid attention. When it came time to face the real world, I went for the easiest thing I could find. For me, that turned out to be a government job in an office cubicle. I've spent years of my life dreaming what it must be like to be rich, own a yacht on the Mediterranean, a house in Hawaii, traveling and exploring the world. I sit 9 hours a day in a gray cubicle in the center of an office with no windows in sight, pretending to work while my back hurts, my eyesight fails me, and I go home every night exhausted from the monotomy. I've been telling myself for years that someday I'll grow a pair and start a business (I have no idea what), or by some stroke of luck win the lottery. Yikes I'm bored.

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Nov 27, 2014
We are with you..
by: Jaye

I think all of us here can understand what you are saying. You definitely had my mind wondering what it would be like to be rich. Winning the lottery would be amazing, of course you can't win if you don't buy tickets and I never do. I have thought about that a lot as well and to be honest I think I would still need to do something at least once and a while. Your job really should not make you physically ill, and when it does that is not a good sign. A work-life balance is important and can often make the work part of your life more manageable. I would suggest having some soothing music on while you work. For me some days that can be ocean sounds, another day it may be some more upbeat music. Classical music has also been known to be relaxing and help with how the brain functions. I have not gotten into Classical music myself but I have found as I practice more and more relaxation techniques my taste has changed so I will be trying this again myself.

You mentioned you have always wanted to start a business. I have had that dream too and my mind was all over the place as to what it would be. I decided to start a website that would get me going and work on an offline business from there. SBI has made this really easy for me. I still consider it a hobby as I enjoy what I do and am learning so much. As with any business you get out what you put in but I think it is worth it.

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