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Im glad theres others!

by anonymous404

I'm glad that there are others in the same situation! I am on my second year of a three year apprenticeship and I am so bored with it! I do nothing at work apart from a few little tasks, apart from that I just sit there or just stand in the cold doing nothing! I'm also fed up with people telling me how lucky I am and that I have a job for life!! I suppose I am lucky that I have a job but it's so hard to accept that I am lucky when it's just so boring!! I have only been in this job for about a year and a half now and I don't think I can last doing this for the rest of my life! But I feel stuck like I can't quit because it would look bad! I hate feeling stuck!! I don't know if this made sense but needed to get this out as I feel like I can't tell anyone this! It's good to have a place to rant!

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