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I'm bored too

by annonymus

I dread Mondays when the work week starts again. I am sitting here looking at my computer wishing I was anywhere but here.

I have been in my job for over 10 years and liked it the first five or so, but lately it has changed so much I am bored enough to consider giving up a high paying job with good benefits and nice bosses, just so I don't have to sit here any longer. I am supposed to be a design engineer and I am good at it, but now mostly I sit here waiting for projects, and being a cad technician for insignificant little repair projects. I could do so much more. I'm stuck in the government bureaucracy and see no reasonable way out. There is only so much internet surfing I want to do. There are no jobs out there and I would be stupid to leave, so here I sit, day in, day out. I feel exhausted when I get home.


It is so shocking to me to hear stories like from really intelligent people who are being wasted and under used by their bosses. No wonder the world economy is so bad if there are so many people being under used. Think what the world could achieve if everyone was fully employed in their jobs. Plus just think how much lower the health bill would be too.

So sorry to hear that you are bored at your job. I have been there too and know the feeling so well. I got out but I know it is hard. Don't give up hope. Keep looking for something new and perhaps if you can speak to your bosses, tell them that you can do so much more. You never know they may be totally unaware of your situation.

Best of luck


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