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I suffer from mayor depression,panic and anxiety attacks

by Mike


i have suffered from terrible depression and panic attacks for 16 years,and have been on medications for ten years now.

My doctor took me off of one of the medications but one month later I relapsed so she put me back on it. It is now 6 weeks since i was
back on the medication; what I want to know is how long will I have to be on these medications for. i want to be free of them for good.

Answer from Kate

Unfortunately there is never one simple answer to a question like this as there can be many different factors effecting the answer.

Things such as your background, your current living circumstances, your past life experiences etc will all be affecting how you are feeling today and what may be the casue of your panic and depression.

I dont know what treatment you have had in the past other than medication. If you have not had any other form of help , you should speak to your doctor about whether or not there are other forms of help available to you such as CBt counseling etc if he feels this would benefit you.

Anxiety and depression can come about due to all sorts of things and sometimes medication is not the answer just a temporary solution from the symptoms. you need to get to find out the cause so that you no longer need to take the medication.

For more information about anxiety disorder etc please see my pages on my website for more information. here is the first one

I do understand how you are feeling as I used to suffer from panic attacks so i know how awful they can be.

i wish you better soon

best wishes Kate

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