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I Love To Bounce Myself Relaxed

by Sally

About a year ago a friend of mind suggested that I use one of those giant exercise balls as my office chair to help me exercise more as I was feeling tired all the time at work.

I am sitting at a desk all day and I find that I get little exercise and this is making me feel ill and stressed.

Any way I tried it, well I'll try anything once and do you know within a few weeks of using it I found that I felt less tired and had more general stamina. They say it’s because you have to balance on the ball all the time and this strengthens you core muscles.

Any way I then discovered the bounce. I like to take little breaks from my desk every 20 minutes or so and I found that if I sit straight with my legs outstretched and bounce gentle I not only have some fun, get even more exercise but just doing this helps me to relax and feel less stressed about my work, something to do with flow or something like that. Any way everyone in my office likes to try my ball out now and again and I may have even started a trend for ball office chairs.

Comment from Kate Site owner.

Great post. I came across this video online which illustrates this method. I think I might give it a go myself.

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