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I have a confict going on in my head

by robert

My mind is trying to say that i want something when deep down i know for sure that i don't want this this negative thing, please help?

Answer from Kate
Hi Robert

with the limited details you gave me it is very hard to know what to advise you. Often problems have lots of different things which can be causing them and so many things can affect how we feel and think about thinks.

But I want to say congratulations on taking the first very important step in helping yourself through this and making your life better. But just approaching someone for help you are giving yourself the best chance of overcoming your problem.

your next step needs to be to go and talk to someone face to face. only this way will the layers of your problem be opened up and once that happens the battle is half won.

Speak to a close friend or family member if possible at first for support. be open and honest and tell them that you are looking for help. If this is not possible then speak to your doctor, thats what their there for and they will know who to put you in touch with who can best help you.

It really does sound to me like you need to actually talk out your problems with someone who will know and understand what you are feeling and who will also know how best to help you.

I wish you every success and i know after contacting me your next step won't be very difficult at all.

best wishes Kate

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