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I Feel Surplus To Requirement

by Shirley

I am 68 in December this year but have not yet retired, I only work 3 days a week which is plenty and half my work has been given to a new girl who did not have a job when she came into my office. I feel surplus to requirement.

The reason I am still her is my husband also works here, he is 3 years younger than me so has decided to stay on and do a 4 day week.

My complaint is a lot of my work was given to the new girl as she had nothing to do, now I find days I haven't got anything to do, it is sole destroying.

I can completely understand how you feel. When I worked for an employer I ended up spending my days on the internet all day wasting a lot of time and becoming so bored I thought I was going to lose my mind.

I am surprised to hear that your employer felt the need to employ someone else if there isn't enough work for you both to do. You must feel as if they are trying to push you out.

If I were you I would lay my cards on the table with the boss and ask them directly. Be polite and calm but you never know they may be unaware of how you feel. Or they may be able to find you something else to do.

Suffering in silence is the worst thing to do and can make you ill in the end. Don't take that risk. Sort the problem out now before it gets too bad.

Talking things out is always the healthiest thing to do.

best wishes

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