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How To Reduce Stress
On Those Weekly Shopping Trips

Tips on how to reduce stress when you’re out shopping.

As many of you will agree shopping can be really stressful, it can take hours, you have to carry lots of heavy bags, you end up spending too much money and you arrive home thoroughly tired and stressed out. But there are a few things you can do to help reduce the effects of stressful shopping trips.

  • If you are out shopping for the day, make sure you take lots of regular breaks. Rest awhile on a bench or take a break in a nearby café. Being hungry or dehydrated can worsen the effects of stress.

  • Make sure you avoid caffeine while you out and about. Yes a cup of coffee may feel relaxing for a few minutes but all that caffeine will make you far more frazzled as you continue your shopping trip. Choose instead an herbal tea or a fruit smoothy, both will feel luxurious and help you to relax.
  • Before going shopping make a list of the things you need. This will help to focus your trip and help make sure you get everything you need. There’s nothing worse than getting home from the shops to discover you have forgotten certain essential items.

  • Don’t take more money than you need with you out shopping. Credit cards can encourage you to spend more than you can afford and debt can be one of the biggest causes of stress for many.
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  • If you have to go shopping with your children, make sure they have eaten before you leave. This will prevent the kids from getting fractious whilst shopping and should prevent screaming demands for sweets etc.
  • A good way to how to reduce stress whilst out and about is to put a few drops of lavender oil on your wrists before you go. Take regular little sniffs of it as you walk round, you will find that it provides little moments of relaxation and help to keep you calm. Aromatherapy oils can help reduce stress in all sorts of situations.

Shopping trips can be great fun too of course, so make sure you are prepared in advance for any sort of stress that could come your way. Make your shopping trips fun, relaxed and something which brings you joy not stress.

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