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How does stress effect teenage females?

by Lucy

I'm a 16 year old female and I've endured some on and off stress for the past month or so. For instance my sister recently left the country for two months and I miss her dreadfully and my boyfriend has recently been diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

I'm worried the stress may eventually get to me and I am the sort of person who has a tendency to imagine the worst about everything.

What are some ways stress normally shows itself in teenage girls?

Answer from Kate

stress can effect people differently regardless of age so it really is down to how you handle and react to stress rather than your age having much to do with it.

As with anyone suffering from stress, sometimes depression can rear its ugly head and start to affects us. This can also reduce our self esteem and teenagers seem to be affected by this more often. i suppose it has to do with growing up and discovering new things about yourself as well as all the physical changes going on. So watch out that depression does not start to creep up on you.

teenagers also seem to respond to stress with anger. Often directed at authority figures such as parents and teachers. Again don't let anger be your response to stress.

Try to make sure you get enough sleep and eat and exercise regularly these things will help you to cope better with stress in your life. I know that being a teenager can seem rather hectic and overwhelming at times but it will pass and as long as you look after yourself properly, then stress won't have a long term affect on your life.

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