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How do I prevent stomach ulcers from stress?

by Tess

I am a person that can not deal with a lot of stress. When I'm ever in a stressful situation, the stress gets to me so much that I start getting stomach pains and feeling sick.

How can I prevent my self from stressing out so much to the point where i do end up with an ulcer.

Answer from the team at Stress Relief Workshop

I don't believe that stomach ulcers can be solely attributed to stress. There are many other factors involved.

Stress however, can help to weaken your system and this leaving you more susceptible to infection and other unpleasant symptoms. Ulcers can be partially caused by stress.

I know how damaging stress can be on the human body. It is important that you understand where your stress is coming from, how it can affect you and how you need to manage your stress so that you can avoid its ill effects.

To understand more please read these following pages, they will help you to learn how to manage your stress and reduce your likelihood of further ulcers.

Physical effects of stress on the body

Effects of stress on the body

Wishing you the best in your stress-free and health-full journey!

The SR Team

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