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How can I help my stress related insomnia?

by Mary

Stress in my relationship has caused me to have sleeping problems for just over 1 week now. I have a very hard time falling asleep, and usually wake up wide awake after 2 hours. I have been trying to deal with the stress in the relationship during the day. It does not help that I am sleep deprived. What is a way I can fall asleep and stay asleep all night? I know if I go to the doctor they will just tell me to remove the stress, it is not that easy.

Answer from Tracy

I know the feeling and I agree sleeping pills often leave you with a sort of hang over feeling (if they work at all that is).

There are a few things you can do to try and endure that you have better sleep. It is important that you put yourself first , so taking some time to relax and ensure you get better sleep is something everyone around you should understand and support you.

There are tips on hw to get better sleep to relieve stress on this page

I hope you're feeling better soon

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