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Homeopathy For Stress Relief

by Tracy

Homeopathy for stress relief has been carried out for around 200 years and has been used to change mood and relieve associated physical and emotional symptoms caused by stress. The best thing of all is there are no side effects associated with the use homeopathy and so can be taken without fear (always read the label though)

I studies homeopathy for a few years during my teens when i was suffering from severe panic attacks. I discovered that a homeopath would diagnose in a similar way to a psychotherapist, by peeling away the emotional layers which may have built up over the years and which may have been caused by an earlier traumatic event which is now affecting the patients health.

Homeopathic remedies are chosen based on the current emotional states experienced by the patient, this helps to build up a unique diagnosis for that one person and so the treatment is tailored to that individual.

Homeopathy has been shown to be beneficial for the treatment of anxiety, depression, grief, phobias, and trauma. Because the treatment works by treating like with like, sometimes the remedy prescribed will trigger old memories of the initial trauma which is currently causing the anxiety, this is often a sign that the treatment is getting to work . These initial memories will soon subside and are replaced with an increasing improvement in health.
When I used homeopathy for stress I found it helped me through some of my worst times and helped me to clarify past situations and memories, allowing me to move forward.

Homeopathic remedies can be bought from health food shops but it does require you to spend some time previous to that understanding what each of the remedies are used to treat. A more in-depth and accurate way to use homeopathy is to seek a consultation with a qualified homeopath, this usually involves a lengthy first consultation to ascertain your current emotional and physical state. A treatment can therefore be prescribed which will accurately match and combat your current negative states and promote health sooner.

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