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Help I have Panic Attacks

by Tom

I have panic attacks daily im on meds there has to be help out there can u please help me?

Answer from Kate


I know how you feel I suffered from severe panic attacks everyday for about 2 years when i was yonger. I know that it feels as if there is no help and that you will never be able to have a day go by without having a Panic Attack, but believe me when I tell you they wont last forever.

We all deal with stress and anxiety differently and our own personal circumstances will affect how we deal with stress, so there is no one one technique or cure.

I was lucky I found someone in my life who I could trust and who gave me strength and a new outlook on life. This helped me get through the attacks to the point I no longer had them at all, it took time but it worked. However you may need something else to happen in your life to change this constant cycle but it is doable, you just need to look at your life and what you do and how you live day to day, there will be something there that is triggering these attacks.

There are many techniques which can help you get through a panic attack when they are happening. Also having a understanding of what panic attacks are and how your body is responding to stress will help you over come them. As they say Knowledge is power.

please read my page about panic attacks and try to look at your lifestyle and make some changes perhaps incorporating some of the stress relieving techniques described here on the website. A relaxed body and mind cannot also panic at the same time, it is impossible.

here is my page about panic attacks.

Things will get better just keep working at it, i know it may be hard for you to believe right now but there is a way past this time in your life.

best wishes Kate

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