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Have A Chat And Be Happy

by Tracy

Picture by Ed Yourdon

Picture by Ed Yourdon

Are you happy? Do you like a good chat? Well apparently some recent studies have shown that those of us like to have conversations and to spend time with people rather than be a loner are generally happier.

The study showed that happier people spent 70% of their time with people and indulging in conversation.

However thats not the end of the story. It is also the quality of the conversations which helps to increase well being and happiness. So the quick chat about last nights soap or what you cooked for dinner last night just won't cut it.

Conversations which are more considered and are more in depth give the two participants a better feel good factor.

So the the next time you have a chin wag with your best friend, make it a little more interesting and don't leave it too long before you speak again to increase your happiness factor.

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