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Quick and easy happiness tools

happiness tools

Welcome to the the 5 day happiness tools e-course from Stress Relief Workshop.  We are honored to be a part of your journey to wellness with our stress relieving and improving happiness tools.  Being happy and stress free can play a large role in health and wellness. Both stress and sadness can lead to unhealthy physical and emotional symptoms.  

When we are stressed out it is easy for many of us to say we are not happy.  The truth is we are probably quite happy but the overwhelming feeling of stress can lead us to believe that we are not. This quick and easy to follow e-course will help you to not only realize this but the actual steps and realizing that you were always happy in some way will make you feel even happier (this is a tested technique used by Psychologists).

It's A Win - Win Situation.

The Free 5 Day e-Course to Happiness:
Quick and easy to implement happiness tools

This short course is easy and quick to do. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes each day completing the course. That's all it takes!  You will read the email and follow the instructions for the task of the day.  These happiness tools may seem simple but  I promise each day when you read the email you will receive and think about what is asking of you, you will smile.  Think about this as you read them.. I guarantee the thoughts it will stimulate will put a smile on your face.  Did you know that smiling alone can improve your mood?  This quick exercise that will only take a few minutes of your day for 5 days and will bring light into your life.

The 5 parts will be sent to you once per day for 5 days.  

To get started on this short happiness course simply fill out the form below and the first part will be sent to you automatically.  Simply read the email and follow the instructions.  


Be happy and healthy!

By signing up for this course you are allowing us to send you this free happiness course and an evaluation after completion.   

Increase your Happiness in 5 Days

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Stress management tips do not need to be difficult at all and this short and easy course demonstrates that. Sometimes it's the small and simple things that make a big difference to your life.

(Information and diary adapted from the book 59 seconds by Professor Richard Wiseman)

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