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Hand Reflexology
For Stress Relief

Hand reflexology is less common that foot reflexology however it is a much simpler way for someone to practice on themselves, especially if they have bending problems.

Reflexology is about pressing on particular points on your hand or feet which in turn stimulate other areas of your body. Certain pressure points can help to promote calm and relaxation.

The following video takes you through some simple exercises to promote stress relief and which also give some back ground to how and why reflexology works and how the points on your hand relate to other parts of your body, such as your back.

In the video the instructor talks about how when stressed people wring their hands that they are actually practicing reflexology on themselves without really knowing it. I wondered why it always felt so good when i do this and I can tell my partner to stop having a go at me when I do it. It's good for me.

I hope you enjoy the video and that you find it useful for finding your own stress relief. Practicing this technique regularly will mean that you will be able to gain quicker and a deeper sense of relaxation, as they say practice makes perfect.

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are points in the hands and feet which are connected to and affect other parts of the body when touched.

Small movements and pressure on these various points help to relieve fatigue and stress related symptoms.

Here are a few products that may help to provide a self pressure point hand massage:

Metal Rolling 9-Ball Leg/Hand/Body Beautifying Massager Glove

These pressure balls are multiple purpose massage balls.  Use for your hands, feet and back.

Due North Foot Rubz Foot Hand and Back Massage Ball, 2 Count

Massage Balls (3 Ball Set)

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