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Groundhog day!

I am so fed up with my job, I feel like leaving for the evening and not coming back. When I first started it was exciting learning new things but now I'm just doing these same things over and over again. I feel like a robot could do my job, every day I preform task A and then task B and then answer the same stupid queries I've answered a thousand times before.

They have also been making a lot of redundancies and there has been a lot of change in the last 6 months so team moral is at rock bottom. My manager who was the one that recruited me for the role was made redundant and they didn't even follow employment law as her job was still needed and after she left they promoted another colleague to do it instead. My new manager is now too busy doing his old job and his new job (my old managers job) to fully support the team.

When I started I thought I could progress within the company but it now seems I will be stuck in this brain dead admin role forever. I was keen to get extra responsibilities but all they did was give me more of the same mundane work I was already doing! When tasks for my role get discussed in team meetings my new manager keeps saying 'Well I'm sure that will be fine it's not rocket science'. It makes me feel quite embarrassed because I know I could do a more challenging job (Probably not rocket science but then again he isn't a rocket scientist either).

My colleagues are friendly but we don't have anything in common so conversations are strained to say the least. The money is really good especially as I do not have a degree but even the money can no longer keep me motivated. I know I sound really ungrateful and I am truly glad to have a job but there must be more to life then dragging yourself out of bed every morning for groundhog day!

Hope you're keeping an eye out for something new. It sounds to me like this company is not thriving and you could find yourself made redundant too. So why not motivate yourself by being proactive and actively seek a different job. Remember money isn't isn't everything. if there is a job out there that you fancy doing but the money isn't as good as this job, go for it, you never know where it may lead.

Wishing you future happiness in your employment. Kate

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