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Friday and stressed

by Sandra

I have a low paying office job with tons of paperwork that a 12 year old could do. I used to have friends at my old job and I was happy. It's crazy how a job can make you depressed! I am so tired at the end of the day that I can barely enjoy the rest of my day! I don't click with the people I work with. Our office went through a transition and I ended up having to move with everyone that I don't have anything in common with and I mean nothing! No one talks to me, and I know this can't be all my fault. After all I used to have friends at my former jobs and it was great! The boredom is killing me..I never thought I would be this bored. How is it possible that I click with absolutely no one here? Is it possible that I am crazy? Beginning to think so!

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Oct 08, 2016
Have things gotten any better?
by: Jackie

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for writing. I am sure there are others in the same boat and hopefully someone will have some ideas for you.
Personally I am sort of the opposite. I keep to myself to stay out of the office politics. I have a few people I talk to but for the most part I keep to myself. Headphones are a wonderful stress reliever for me. I now have the noise cancelling ones so I can focus on my work (no matter how boring) and tune out the chatter. I don't sing but I do catch myself dancing in my chair so I am sure my coworkers think I am a little crazy too...
I believe that we all have our crazy quirks and they are all rages of normal..

Keep us posted.

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