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Free Meditation Music
Sit Back And Relax

These free meditation music sessions last around seven minutes each, which is a nice period of time that you can fit into your day with ease.

Perhaps you could:

  • Ask to take some time out during your coffee breaks at work. Sit back and close your eyes and listen to one of these tracks whilst sipping your tea.

  • Start your day by relaxing with one of these music sessions. It would set you up for the rest of the day.

  • Listen to one last thing at night just before you go to bed.

  • Or just after you have had a soothing hot bath.

These meditation music sessions can be used by anyone, you don’t have to have any religious beliefs or even know how to mediate. The music is designed to allow your mind to wander aimless around, not focusing on any one thing but to create a stare of peace and tranquillity and total relaxation.

Watch the videos (don’t forget to click the full screen button on the player) and listen together or simply sit or lie with your eyes closed and let the music wash over you.

These three have been chosen by me as they are my favourites and I often use them myself to help me relax after a heavy day at work. They are especially good for getting me to sleep well at night, as I often found it difficult to switch my thoughts off at bedtime.


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