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Exercises To Reduce Stress For My Chidren

by Michelle
(Warwickshire, UK)

Hello. I am a mum of 3 kids. I had hyperemesis while pregnant with all 3 (excessive vomitting to dehydration and hospitalisation) and there is also a genetic predisposition to allergies and a wheat intolerance which we all share. In addition, they have been diagnosed with minor learning difficulties and social difficulties and have been prescribed overlays to help with reading and also had auditory integration therapy, as they had significant hearing sensitivities. They have also had extra writing help, extra maths help and help with coordination issues like ball skills. All this has been very hard work for them over and above the normal school day. The feedback I get from them is that they find it hard to make friends, the classroom noise annoys them and they find it hard to concentrate over it and writing is hard work for them (although they all excel in reading and are very creative) I stopped their after school clubs as I felt they were overscheduled so they only have Brownies now. I am waiting to start my youngest son on swimming lessons (his sisters had these and swim to a confident level but wanted to stop the lessons) However, his teacher is writing an IEP (individual education plan) as he has no dominant hand and struggles with pincer grip and hand strength. (the physio has said all 3 kids and myself have hypermobile joints which makes it hard for the body to gauge where it is in space and also the force to grip things with etc.) In view of the fact that he will have extra work to do at school I am mindful of not giving him more than he can cope with.

My question is this. Is there a relaxation game or technique I can do immediately after school (maybe even on the car ride home) to almost cleanse them of the school stress? After school is a particular flash point because they are tired and cranky from holding their tempers at the noise levels and irritations at school. This leads to arguments, shouting and generally makes it hard work to cook a meal or even leave them in the same room for more than five minutes. The upshot of this temper flash is usually them collapsing in tears or retreating to another room. I would love a technique they could maybe also use in a subtle way at school if they feel their stress levels rising. I apologise if I have gone overboard with detail but I wanted you to have a full picture in order to recommend something suitable. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Answer from Kate
well the best thing i can suggest is to teach your children some breathing exercises. these are great at relaxing both the mind and the body together. they can also be done in a few minutes and can be done anywhere, even in the class.

the more your children practice the exercises the better the results and also they will be available to do them more quickly and get the same benefits.

The breathing exercises are the same for both Adults and children

As i say the more they are practiced the easier they are to do and remember and become almost like second nature. They sound simple but really do have an effect, they slow the heart down and also takes more oxygen to the brain this has a over all calming effect.

Please see this page for the techniques

best wishes Kate

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