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Driving To Work Stresses Me Out

by Sally

Pic by Burning Image

Pic by Burning Image

I have to drive to work every day through the busy traffic laden streets of London. I tried public transport but that was just too much for me.

A few years ago a friend of mine suggested that I try to make the inside of my car so lovely that even when I was stuck in traffic I was still in a nice environment and that this might help me to not get so stressed.

So I gave it a go, this is what i did:

I always keep my car clean and tidy
I refresh my car fragrance frequently so my car always smells lovely.
I have a favorite family picture on view on my dashboard.
I have lots of CD's of calming music to play.
I have a nice pot of hand cream available so that when I'm in traffic I can give my hands a lovely massage as well as moisturizing them.

This may all sound a little softy but I found that my journeys into work are much nicer now that my car space is a little sanctuary of peace and tranquility. If I could have a vase of flowers on my dash I would but that would be silly.

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by: DD

Well, considering the traffic that we have to face these days on road, it is not at all a shocking thing to hear that driving to work can stress you out. Why can’t you use a public transport or even try for car pooling which would help you out.

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