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Draw a line between work and home to reduce stress

by Kate

Work is stressful, that’s a fact. I don’t think there are many people who can honestly say that they don’t find their day job to be stressful at some point in their day. I know when I worked in an office, I was so stressed that I was getting sick more and more often. Stress is the secret life destroyer which needs to be and can be reeuced.

No matter how well you practice stress relief at work, it will be inevitable that you bring some of your work stress home with you.

I certainly see it with my partner who currently does not like his job. He comes home in a bad mood and looks tired and up tight. The trouble is he remains feeling like this for some time and so ruins his evening at home.

I am currently trying to help him make a conscious effort at making a change in his behaviour when he comes home so that he can draw a line between work and home life to help him ditch the stress.

The worst thing you can do is to come home plop down into a chair, eat your dinner on your lap and watch TV the whole evening. You may think this is relaxing but it doesn't really mark the difference between home and work. You’ll probably be sitting there brooding over your day.

It is important that as soon as you get home that you leave the office behind. This can be done in several ways:

Change into some more comfortable clothes.
Have a long bath or invigorating shower.
Go out for a quick run
Have a power nap of about 20 minutes only (this will really refresh you)
Distract yourself with something you like to do. It should be something physical or stimulating and not passive.

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