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Desktop games for stress relief:  Bloomin' Gardens

Desktop games stress relief fun with flowers, well virtual flowers.

This game not only gets you thinking and concentrating but it is also accompanied by the sounds of your garden with bird song, very relaxing in itself.

During the dame different sorts of flowers will pop up in your garden and you need to dig them up and move them next to similar flowers. The trouble is more and more flowers pop up and so you have to be quick thinking and move them before all the spare spaces are filled up. It requires a lot of concentration and focus and is why it is a good game to break your focus on the stressful things around you.

I find it is good to play in the office with head phones (if you are allowed at work that is, if not then you could mention to your boss that it may help the staff to unwind during breaks)

So if you feel the need for some relaxing sounds and a bit of gardening to calm the senses and relax, then this desktop games for stress relief could just be the answer.

There are other games here which also provide flow (flow is that time when you are fully concentrating on something which means you cannot be focused on stressful situations).

There is a crack shooting game where you have to hit little yellow stress balls which pop up everywhere. A game where you have to blow up cubes of three or more before they reach the top of the wall and a game of keepy uppy with a ping pong ball and bat.

I have played all these games myself and know how much fun they are and also just how good they are at taking time out. We all need little times out throughout the day, so don’t think of this as bunking off work, it is therapy.

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