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Depression and Stress

Depression has many causes and should not be confused with just having down days. However when depression does strike one of the main causes is associated with long term periods of stress and pressure.

Depression strikes at least 1 in every 8 men and 1 in every 5 women throughout life and so is one of the most common yet undiagnosed illnesses.

The reason many sufferers do not have it properly diagnosed is because they may see it as a weakness i.e not being able to cope with life's pressures.

The symptoms of depression are many and varied and can differ from one person to the next.

Self Help Tips

  • Don't let your appearance slip even though you may feel there is no point. Letting yourself go can lead to further depressed feelings.

  • Break daily tasks down into small pieces

  • Reduce amounts of fats, salt, caffeine and alcohol in your diet

  • Take regular exercise as this helps to produce natural anti depressant chemicals in the brain.

  • Increase your daily intake of B Vitamins. these come from whole grains, soya and oily fish. Nutrition is very important when the body is under stress.

  • Try to keep social, dont shut yourself away from people. regular communication will help lift your mood.

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