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Dealing With Stress At Tax Time

Dealing with stress in your life is always important and should be high on your priority list of things to do on a daily basis.

Stressful situations are sometimes hard to avoid and one such time is when our tax returns are sue to be filed.

Financial worries are cited as one of the main causes of stress and this is only heightened when we are asked to scrutinize our accounts which often can really bring home just how difficult things may be for you, especially during recent years.

Add to this the many complicated forms we have to fill in and tax time can be truly taxing in more ways than one.

The Stress Pitfalls

Recent studies have indicated that during the part of the year when the tax return is due to be filed many people have said that they find it increasing difficult to get to sleep at night or find themselves constantly waking up.

snooze pillows

They have also said that they find themselves turning to other bad behaviors at this time such as:

  • Eating comfort foods high in fat and sugar
  • Over eating
  • Drinking too much alcohol and caffeine based drinks.

All these issues are classic signs of stress and if left unmanaged can develop and cause further long term health problems.

Dealing With Stress At Tax Time

So what can you do to help you through this period of the year and reduce the effects of stress?

  • Break the task up into smaller chunks of time. Don’t spend hours and hours at one sitting pouring over paper work. This will cause you both mental and physical fatigue and tension.

  • Take regular breaks, do some relaxation stretches.

  • Keep your paperwork in good order throughout the year. Disorganization can be major cause of stress and anxiety, be organized all year long.

  • Take plenty of exercise and get out into the fresh air as often as possible.

  • Drink plenty of water; being well hydrated will keep you focused and able to complete the task quicker and accurately.

  • Make sure you get plenty of good sleep at night. Take time out before bedtime to relax and abstain from caffeine and alcohol after 6pm in the evenings during this time.

  • When you feel yourself becoming anxious, take time out and relax your body with some slow breathing exercises. This will help you to calm down.

Dealing with stress need not be difficult or time consuming at all and the benefits you will receive will keep you in good stead throughout the year not only during the stressful tax period.

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