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Deal with your stress before it deals with you.

by Kate

emotional stress - pic by lenifuzhead

emotional stress - pic by lenifuzhead

Today I read a blog post by someone who describes herself a cool headed un sentimental person who is training to be an attorney, so i guess she has to be level headed.

However in this post she describes a day where by she found herself looking at a cute dog on the train and before she realized it she found herself in tears. She couldn't believe it, why on earth was she crying over a silly dog on the train just because it looked so cute?

The answer soon became clear, when later she sat down to think about her day. She had deadlines coming up, she had important exams she had to pass and her friends were all talking about their future prospects or the possibility of the lack of them. DING DONG, yep the bells starting ringing in her head, it had been stress that had tipped her over the edge and had manifested themselves in a completely irrational emotional outburst.

Stress can do this, it creeps up on you when you're not looking and before you know whats happening, you are getting sick all the time, you get angry more often or as in this case, you find yourself having emotional outbursts for no real reason.

Managing stress is as important as leading a healthy lifestyle such as eating a good diet and exercising regularly to keep healthy. It should be a part of your daily routines and should fit in seamlessly and not seen as another chore to do.

Stress relief is fun, its relaxing and is essential ME time that we are all entitled to. So find something that you enjoy, that allows you to unwind and helps protect you from the ill effects of stress.

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Aug 13, 2015
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Yeah, it is true that most of the people do go through this stage unnoticed. And if we try to analyze the situation like she had, I think we can eliminate the issues that are caused by stress.

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