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Cramp or muscle spasms is a horrible experience to have, you feel like something is going to explode and the pain can be very intense, even quite frightening.

Cramp can be experienced in any muscle but is more commonly experienced in a leg. It is mainly caused by the build up of lactic acid and other waste products from the body in a muscle.

Cramp often occurs after or during exercise but they can also be brought on by stress and tension. If a muscle is clenched for too long or held in an uncomfortable position this can bring on an attack. When stressed we have a habit of tensing our muscles for long periods of time without really realizing it.

Tips to help reduce or relieve cramps

  • Improve circulation by taking supplements such as Garlic tablets or fish oil supplements

  • Rub affected muscles rapidly and apply hot or cold compresses.

  • Press down hard on the affected limb, so press against a wall if it is your arm or stand up if it is your leg.

  • Ensure that you are drinking enough fluids throughout the day.

  • Make sure you are eating enough calcium in your diet, things such as milk, cheese, yoghurt.

  • To relax tense muscles and to dilate the small blood vessels rub st John ’s wort oil on the affected muscle.

  • Make sure that you take some regular exercise to help keep the circulation working affectively.

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