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Control Freak Burnout

by Sam

picture by Amy Mud Pie Flickr

picture by Amy Mud Pie Flickr

I admit it, I am a control freak. I know I am and I do try not to be as I know it irritates my partner, as he is the opposite and quite easy go lucky.

I am one of those people who hate untidy desks, like things done now and hate it when people say "oh I'll get around to that". Disorganization baffles me and procrastination should be a four letter word in my book.

I know I am not alone in being a control freak, so if you are like me, then read on, you may discover something you didn't know.

Through various research it has been discovered that control freaks tend to burn out much quicker than other people. Why? Well it's mainly because we use up all our resources at once, putting all our energy into the task at hand to the point that we are left depleted. So when another another possible stressful situation arises, we don't have the reserves to cope as well as others.

Now this makes great sense to me, I have always though it strange that I seem to become stressed so easily by so small things sometimes, when other times I feel in control and able to manage all sorts of things. I always thought it was because I was a rather weak person and used to feel a little ashamed that I could not cope as well as others. Now I understand why this may be.

Apparently the answer is to pace oneself and to prepare for future events. Slowing down and carrying out tasks in a more controlled way will help keep our resources from running out and available for the next task or stressor.

Slowly in down, umm for a control freak this may take some effort but I will certainly give it a go. I know my partner will be glad of that too.

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Oct 16, 2015
by: Brett

Yeah, it is quite difficult to cope with people who are total control freaks and problems like you have mentioned do occur often. The best way is to change yourselves and try to be more patient.

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