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Computer Stress
A Modern Day Stress

Computer stress, what is it?

In today’s modern world where new electrical gadgets are appearing daily on our must have lists and as we move further away from the old analogue world, a new kind of stress is appearing in our lives.

If you are like me and love to own all the new tech, computers, mobile phones, kitchen gadgets etc than you will have no doubt at one time or another experienced what I call tech frustration.

This is where all your expectations are shattered and the new shiny gadget which promised so much lets you down and no one seems able to help you.

You know the feeling, the computer breaks down, you spend ages trying to sort it out yourself by unplugging this and that and reading the manual from cover to cover, you finally give in and phone the help line.

computers can cause stress picture by Chrysaora

Only to be faced by a lengthy wait on the end of the phone and then by someone who either speaks in a techy language that no one understand or treat you like an idiot.

All of your excited expectations go out the window leaving you feeling:

  • Helpless
  • Conned
  • Angry
  • Frustrated

In other words computer stress has got you in its grips.

The problem is that we have become more and more dependent on technology in our everyday lives so when something does go wrong we need it fixed fast and with the least amount of stress.

So how do we protect ourselves from gadget stress? Well a lot of the responsibility lies with the manufacturers who need to provide better easier help services. If these were improved the occurrence of a stress consumer would be much less likely.

As to what we can do for ourselves, well in my case I always have a backup plan if something goes wrong. This way I never left without a way to continue my work and get on. This may mean a cheap mobile phone as a backup or knowledge of where my local internet café is.

Above it is important to remember that this sort of stress is created from within us. Set the situation is frustrating but it is how we react to it which will determine how stressed we feel.

So next time your PC goes bang, move away from the hammer, take 5 deep breaths and remember its only a dumb machine. Life’s too short.

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