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Chest Pain And Stress

by Kate

picture by CarbonNYC

picture by CarbonNYC

Chest pain is a common symptom when someone experiences long and severe bouts of stress.

This chest pain may be caused by the muscles in the chest wall go into spasm or more seriously the coronary arteries go into spasm. When the arteries go into spasm they restrict the oxygen and blood flow to the heart, this is known as an angina attack.

The symptoms of angina are: tight crushing feeling behind the chest bone and which radiates outwards. Sometimes spreading up the neck into the jaw and along the arm. Rest will elevate this spasm and symptoms.

A heart attack is caused when there is prolonged oxygen starvation which causes heart muscle cells to die. the symptoms are similar to an angina attack but are more intense, longer lasting and will not ease with rest. A heart attack is also accompanies by sweating, paleness and breathlessness.

When chest pain occurs it should always be investigated by a doctor immediately.

To help reduce the likelihood of chest pain brought on by stress follow these tips:

• Reduce or stop smoking

• Regular exercises and a healthy lifestyle will help keep arteries and heart muscles strong

• being overweight will increase the pressure put on your heart especially during times of stress. Maintain a healthy body weight.

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