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Can A Ticking Clock Cause Me To Get Stressed?

by David

pic by Cathérine

pic by Cathérine

This may sound silly but my boss has just installed a new clock near my desk and all I can hear is its incessant ticking, its driving me crazy and i feel really stressed.

My office is really quiet so this ticking really stands out.

Is this silly of me or do you think i have a genuine complaint ie. the clock is making me stressed.?

Answer from Kate


Don't worry this is not a silly question to ask at all. My partner can't have a ticking clock in the bedroom at night as he says it keeps him awake. this is because he tunes into it and all his focus goes onto the noise, this sounds like what is happening here with you.

You may not realize that you are subconsciously tuning in to it at all but now it has become your main focus and nothing else seems to be able to shift this thought in your head and that is what is causing you stress.

If it really is bothering you then i would definitely speak to your boss about it. perhaps he could have it moved or replace it with a silent clock.

The other option is for you to try and distract yourself from the ticking until you no longer notice it.

Flow is when you are concentrating on something so strongly that no other thoughts come into your mind. things like computer games do this very well as all your focus is on the game.

I know that in an office it can be difficult but try some distraction games for a few minutes to see if this helps. here area fee office computer games you could try (if the boss lets you that is)

stress relief games

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