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Breathing Exercises For Stress Relief

Breathing exercises for stress relief are one of the most useful techniques to learn and can be used anywhere and at anytime.

The secret to getting the most benefit is to practice the exercises every day, this will make them second nature to you and you will be able to reach the deep level of relaxation faster as you become better and better at the technique.

Once you have learnt the technique it is simple to practice them every day, you don’t need to be lying down you could be on the train to work, or whilst sitting in the park at lunch time. All you need is the time and desire to look after your body.

This video is designed to teach you the basic breathing exercises whilst in a calm and tranquil environment. When you first learn this technique it is best to be at home and be able to lie down. This will make it easier for you to become used to the breathing technique.

Combining breathing with meditation is also a useful tool against stress. Learning both of these stress relieving techniques will become second nature to you and will be a powerful tool in your everyday fight against the effects of stress.

Follow along with this video the first couple of times you practice this method of relaxation, and then try the process without it. Practicing everyday for a few minutes will allow you to get the most benefit.

To discover more about why these breathing exercises are so good for stress relief please read my page about the breathing technique and its relationship to how our body functions and why it provides almost instant relaxation.

Make sure you are in a quiet environment and are alone when you watch this video. Its aim is to promote a deep sense of relaxation and well being.

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