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Breaking off a relationship with an alcoholic

You do your absolute best for someone, despite still loving them deeply, knowing that a person's particular habit makes it dangerous for them to live in certain parts of the world. You do your best, because you have standards, and because despite his weaknesses, you really really love him and planned to share your life with him. You do your best and send him home to waiting friends and try to smooth his arrival. You do your best - and then have everything twisted against you. Emotional blackmail, lies, exploitations, more lies.

You care and try to help him while not allowing yourself to grieve - taking on all the responsibilities he should have had, at the same time as coping with real physical illness.
And people expect you to cope. Family rely on you as the "strong one" - no shoulder to cry on, no ear to listen. Thank you, God, for friends.

Finally after two months of trying to help him, you believe yourself free of obligations, nothing binds you to him, and you have time to grieve for your own lost love. And then your body reacts in ways you've never experienced. "Big girls don't cry" but you can't stop. Words don't help. And no one understands. Eyes and brain lose focus. You're alone, and you're alone.

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You are a strong person!
by: Jaye

I am so sorry for what you are going through. You are not alone. You can have a support group right here anytime you need to vent.

Losing a love no matter what the reason is can be very stressful. You can feel pain even if letting that relationship go was the best thing to do.

Sometimes you have to do what is best for yourself. It sounds like that is what you decided to do and you should be proud of yourself for the strength that took. It is definitely not easy.

Please take care of yourself and keep us posted.

The Team from Stress Relief Workshop

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