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I am a receptionist @ a utility company office. I am soo unbelievably bored. I have been doing this for 4 years, i literally come in at 8, finish my work in 40 minutes and then watch the clock tick until 5.30pm! Its such a long day to be sitting doing nothing. I know I have many more skills to offer as my company often ask me to train new starts in jobs that have nothing to do with me but after asking constantly for more work I learned a few things. I often spend my days watching netflix (all day) or reading. I am not allowed to leave my desk without cover (even though i would only take roughly 10 calls a day and im lucky if I have 4 visitors a week.) I cant even get up to walk about or chat. The only things people say is hi and bye and its driving me insane. There is no intelluctual conversation and I constantly feel alone, i then am so tired from doing nothing (dont know how that works) and so tired from petty small chatting I just want to be alone at night.

Really need to get out of this job.

Reading all your comments made me feel better and I wish all of you the very best.

Thanks for letting me vent! :)

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Aug 15, 2015
Going crazy
by: Anonymous

Glad I found this site too, and those who have validated my own stress of being bored. It's even harder after having so many years of being intellectually active and your feedback appreciated. Takeovers and buyouts are horrible for all. Having new employees come in and taking over, not knowing what they are doing, but also not including you in any input, all the while seeing them make a mess of things you have handled wonderfully for 15 years, not only is discouraging, for one, that pat on the back of GOOD JOB never happened, but then having to sit there with less and less to do was so depressing, that I took early retirement as a gracious way to leave. I then took a part time job for a couple hours a day answering the phone with plenty to do and helping marketing. It then turned into a full time receptionist job. Well guess what, ANOTHER realignment left now with NOTHING to do but answer 25 calls a day and play on the Internet.......which I just found out they spy on your internet activity. AND they have spy cameras around the office. I don't know what's happening to companies these days, but the office and people is like zombie land, making it more depressing, since I am very outgoing with a great sense of humor. Everything here goes against everything I am, and I feel like I'm in a strait jacket all day. It is causing depression that I have to fight off. Bordom is the devils playground.

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