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Boredom At Work Causes Stress

by Tracy

picture by el asso wipo flickr

picture by el asso wipo flickr

I worked for a local authority for 15 years and over that time my work varied from working flat out with too much to do, to having very little to do for long periods of time.

The most stressful part was the having very little to do day in day out. I must have had the most organised filing system ever as i constantly polished it just to find something to do.

However after months of feeling as if I was going out of mind mind with boredom and repeatedly asking for something to do (which was rather embarrassing) I began to loose weight, found it difficult to sleep, would cry all the time and generally became a very miserable person. the stress of having nothing to do had finally got to me and in the end I had to leave my highly paid job to find my sanity again.

Today i have read that my case is not unique and that here in the UK local authorities have even issued booklets to staff to help them combat stress due to boredom and or over work. Much to the outcry of the general public saying that this is waste of money.

I am here to say that it certainly isn't a waste of money. If you have stressed, bored staff working for the country, you will have workers who are not motivated and are far more likely to make mistakes. So what would you prefer, effective, stress free workers for the cost of an advisory booklet and some workshops, or fed up stressed out workers doing a bad job?

Any employer who faces up to the fact that stress is a part of their workforces problems and does something about it is an employer whose company will succeed.

Don't let stress at work make your life a misery.

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Aug 20, 2015
by: Jake

I know how boring and stressful it would be at work, if there won’t be much work to do at office. I have gone through this phase and so I know how exactly it feels like.

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