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Bored in new job!

by Caz

Hi there, I've just come across this website and glad to see I'm not the only person feeling like I do.

I've just started a new job as a legal clerk and in my 4th week. I know its early days and I need to give it more time but the majority of the work seems to be opening and closing files and scanning. Its already becoming boring and repetitive. I have literally spent the whole day getting off my chair to walk to the photocopier, to scan in a document then go back to my desk and save the document to a file.

The reason I took this job was because I was at threat of being made redundant from from my last job. I was really busy in my last job and it was varied work. I'm wishing I had stayed in my last job now and just took redundancy if it came to it. I keep telling myself its early days but I have a bad feeling about it. I am used to doing so much more so will approach my boss about this if things don't get any better.

My husband is totally not understanding. I come home in a bad mood and feel down. Its affecting our relationship. He can't see what the problem is and says he wishes he had an easy job. He tells me to stop moaning. He can't seem to understand that being bored is just as stressful as being too busy.

Anyway will keep you posted as to whether it does get better or not before i loose my mind!

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