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Bored at work but can't quit

by Esther

I think it says a lot about us on how we are so bored at work that we googled "Going crazy over boredom at work" or so and found this page.

I am a strong believer of if-you-don't-like-it, change-it kind of philosophy but God knows how many things I have tried! At the age of 18, I landed myself a scholarship that fully paid for my Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree including accommodation, air tickets, allowances, you name it I got it. Needless to say, I was thrilled and ready to study hard and make significant contributions.

Obviously, things didn't go my way. I started out well, graduating with first class honors and all. And then I started on my job. My boss is hardly around and he doesn't give me much work. I mostly can finish my work in 1 hour for a week's worth of work. My highlights of the day include waiting for lunch and end of work hours.

One thing I don't quite understand about the comments on this page is, if it is boring you to death, why don't you just find a new job? Unfortunately I cannot because I have a 4-year legal bond with my company. I'm close to finishing my 3rd year and I'm just about to go crazy.

I've done all that I could. Rotated between teams 4 times, applying for a new job and begging them to release me from the company. I tried to do coursera, learn a new language, solve computer science programming problems during work hours, but ultimately, it doesn't make me feel less like I'm just wasting my life away. We only live once and the best years of my life is just slipping by.

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Nov 05, 2014
Thank you for your post.
by: Jaye

You make some very good points.

From someone who cannot ever be caught up on my work it is hard to understand only having an hour of work in a whole week. A lot of jobs can be tedious and boring but it is hard to understand why an employer would not want their employees to be doing something. It is definitely not cost effective for them to have people not working. They likely have some that would stay as it is an easy job, no matter how boring. They would also have others, like yourself, who want to be working and will leave if they are too bored. Again, not cost effective as they would be training new employees if they have a rapid turnover.

I feel your frustration with being unable to get out of your contract. I hope you are able to do some stress relieving activities both at work and outside of work to have some balance in your life.

Jaye from Stress Relief Workshop

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